His work in information dynamics, technological evolution, and economic history form the basis for the predictions in Aftershock. Dr. Wiedemer is the Chief. On May 4th, , Mr. Robert Wiedemer, co-author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller, The Aftershock Investor, visited the Monex offices and sat down for an . “In , Robert Wiedemer co-authored the best selling book, America’s Bubble Economy, that accurately predicted the credit and real estate meltdown of

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That I fell for hook, line, and sinker!

It was chosen by Smart Money magazine as one of the wiesemer best investment books of I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but where is the mor I stopped reading this book a little more than half way through. Doree Lynn late last year. If half of what they predict comes true, A book about economics cannot really be a page-turner, but this book was gripping.

The really interesting question is what will happen with interest rates since many countries that used to engage in austerity are now back to wieedmer spending on more debt. Just like how Darwin recanted the evolutionary existence of the world that he wrote about in his well-known book. For these last points, the book deserves wiedemeer stars despite of its fundamental shortcomings. Good, well-researched skepticism and contrarianism But the Wiedemers seem less ideologues than two guys who finally found a bubble they can make money from.

The authors think that the economy could be more like the weather without a static equilibrium but with a dynamic one. They even recognize that life should be in the center of human priorities and that it goes on even without money. Do I completely trust the Fed to get it right? Also, the aftdrshock in this book helped drag me into agreement that gold is valuable, though I hate the entire model and history of gold investment.

I doubt their authority. The Monetary Base is only a fraction of the Money Wieddmer and therefore, paints an inaccurate picture of what is happening on the whole.


Robert Wiedemer – Wikipedia

One key feature of this book is that Appendices contain summaries and one could read just these summaries to generally understand the authors’ economic theories. The only place you’re safe is gold and other precious metals, and shorting. This is a typical doom and gloom financial outlook book. If it is impossible to predict what the next boom-bust technology will be, then it is aftershoci impossible to predict where the economy is heading in the long run. Their message is not complicated, not abstract economic theorizing, but neither is it fluff.

There will be lots of small investors hurt that hopped on the train too late, of course. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. For investors of today, why do you continue to advocate gold as such a strong investment for both wealth protection and profit opportunity?

Aftershock: Finding fortune in marketing doom

How do you assess where we are today and the current risk facing investors? I highly doubt it. What do you see as the key early warning signs of the next economic event? Oh yeah, the infomercial people trying to sell me their investment advice. He holds a doctorate in economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The authors are silent about the lack of historical data on which such models could be built and also about the fact that economies are inherently unstable and under constant fire of attempted disruptions. A whole different issue is government debt, which is in this review bundled together with government spending.

A fascinating, financial horror story. To ask other readers questions about Aftershockplease sign up. The same one economists aftersuock been pushing since before economics existed, in fact all the way to the dawn of modern civilization: In a nutshell, Aftershock argues that a succession of bubbles have set the country on the path to ruin.

I hope I won’t be too busy hoarding food rations to update this review with an apology and a five star rating. For independent investors who strongly pursue personal freedom and privacy, why is gold an attractive investment?


Robert Wiedemer

On the surface the economy appears to be strong, but do you see an underlying risk facing investors? I think the authors make a lot of valid points that appear to ring true. This is how economics overlaps with psychology–it also overlaps with other fields science, physics, engineering, law, ethics, philosophy, sociology. Same Denial Now as Before Divorces will increase and domestic violence will increase. Many academic fields face the same problem. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

That’s qftershock stark transition, and from a set of authors who are perhaps inflating their own expertise wifdemer economic prophesy a bit further than their resumes merit. First off, any economist that claims to understand the economy is a charlatan. Very sobering look at our future. We all know how the real estate bubble popped in as housing prices plummeted.

On Chapter 3, I had read the 1st ed. Granted, they are forecasting the bursting of the dollar and government debt bubbles, the destruction of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, double digit inflat Hmmm.

It is a failure to learn, acknowledge, or educate others on fundamental economic principles. And whenever I aftershkck thinking, “wow, it’s going to be tough to find safe investment opportunities in this new economy we’ll be in!

Because they nailed the recession by predicting it before it A fascinating, financial horror story. Nov 07, Rory wiedemee it did not like it. Not a bloody one, for the former regime will have already died a splashy death. They predict an implosion, widespread inflation, and lots of losses ahead.