In Journey to Ixtlan, Carlos Castaneda introduces readers to this new approach La razón es que “Viaje a Ixtlán” no nos ofrece la continuidad de los hechos. viaje a ixtlan #carlos castaneda This world is really awesome. The woman who make our chocolate think you’re awesome, too. Please consider ordering some. Viaje a Ixtlan: Peyote, toloache y Hongos. Front Cover. Carlos Castañeda. Editorial Draco – Viaje a Ixtlán: las lecciones de Don Juan · Carlos Castaneda.

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But it differs from most occult masterpieces in that Castaneda allows the reader to feel the process of initiation, and the doubts and anxieties it generates, in a moment by moment castaneds. The don Juan books were runaway best sellers in the 70’s.

The title of this book is taken from carlos castaneda viaje a ixtlan allegory that is recounted to Castaneda by his “benefactor” who is known to Carlos as Don Genaro Genaro Floresa close friend of his teacher carlos castaneda viaje a ixtlan Juan Matus. The Don Juan series, of which Journey to Ixtlan is the central volume, were initially acclaimed as a breakthrough in anthropological field research.

I was 16, when I read the book and I loved the way Don Juan perceives the world as so very alive and kind of magical. Jul 05, Eric rated it it was amazing.

Viaje a Ixtlan: Peyote, toloache y Hongos – Carlos Castañeda – Google Books

Want to Read saving…. RoutledgeCurzon,xlv-xlvi. Castaneda presents carlos castaneda viaje a ixtlan information in great, satisfying detail. Journey to Ixtlan feels so real, and we get so involved with Carlos’ struggle to learn a separate reality, that we become in some sense believers in his alternative universe.

In later books, Juan describes that there are only so many kinds of men, and that Genaro is a man of action. In fact, I would go so far as to suggest you skip the first two books and begin the series with this one. Particularly given the primary theme of questioning reality and the “phantoms” that populate it.


We cwstaneda all so very different and unique that nothing is truly the same for any us. Para Don Juan Matus el mundo es un lugar vasto e inexplicable en donde la magia abunda. Now that all the controversy is over and the people who pursue that sort of thing have gone on to other interests, it’s possible to sit back and read the don Viiaje books purely for the enjoyment of their ideas, their unexpected lyricism, their emotional wallop.

Furthermore, Carlos Castaneda consistently claimed this set of books to be true. I myself have experienced “other worlds” on a number of occasions. Although it appears to be the carlos castaneda viaje a ixtlan that Castaneda, the author, fabricated some of the material appearing in his accounts, including that castabeda his carlo dissertation carlos castaneda viaje a ixtlan begins the series, it also appears to be the case that he knows carlos castaneda viaje a ixtlan good deal about altered s This is the third volume of the trilogy including The Teachings of Don Juan and A Separate Reality.

It’s hard to set all this aside while reading Journey to Ixtlan.

Critical Concepts in Sociology, ed. Ixtlan is a hard-to-describe carlos castaneda viaje a ixtlan or maybe even magical state obtained only by a few. Also, these books are not about peyote or other drugs. There was no public service, Castaneda was cremated and the ashes were sent to Mexico.

If he succeeds in his hunting he becomes a man of knowledge.

They’re not the most sophisticated works on various philosophical concepts, but they’re an entertaining overview for novices. Believe it or don’t, either way, it is ccarlos fantastic read. A fog will thus be built up around oneself.

Neither we nor they are more or less important. El argumento sigue siendo el mismo: You carlos castaneda viaje a ixtlan you don’t need to attach castanead to a guru, because Carlos does it for you. Academic critics claim the books are works of fiction, citing the books’ internal contradictions, discrepancies between the books and anthropological data, alternate sources for Castaneda’s detailed knowledge of shamanic practices and lack of corroborating evidence.


It is in this wonderful story that Carlos introduces many concepts, or rather elucidates on many concepts, which Don Juan had introduced since their initial encounter; not-doing, stopping the world, living as a warrior, and dreaming. If you plan on reading these books, start with the Yaqui Way of Life, which is the first book and be prepared to be engrossed in Don Juan’s teachings.

Decentering is a necessary stepping stone to get to an alternative state, whatever this might be. Carlos cannot break away from don Juan, no matter how irrational, carlos castaneda viaje a ixtlan crazy, he seems, and neither can we.

That dishonesty, and the consequent inaccuracies added to the body of anthropological work, and to the subject of metaphysics, has to be considered when reviewing Journey to Ixtlan or Castaenda’s other works in the series.

I strongly recommend that you read this mind-expanding book! A lot of authors, religious authorities and messianic “teachers” have enriched themselves by tapping into our need to be carlos castaneda viaje a ixtlan of something bigger, and in the end that’s how Castaneda struck me.

My favourite of Carlos’ books. When I came to Carlos, my trusty pen worked overtime.

Journey to Ixtlan is presented as though it’s a factual work, when it is a fictional one. Apr 16, Sam Rosenthal rated it really liked it. Aug 18, Mike Bull rated it it was ok. Anyway, this book goes into my all-time favorites list because of how its teachings so shaped who I became as an adult.

He learns the gait of power and the tricky carlos castaneda viaje a ixtlan of not-doing. Apr 30, Iona Stewart rated it it was amazing. Much rather, I should say, the very last chapter moved me and nearly had me expressing tears.