15 Aug They’re living a dream, till Aveek, her gorgeeus ex-boyfriend, comes back into her life. Hold My Hand is a delightful young romance with a. A short film adapted from “Hold My Hand”. How many have you read the book? ?v=EwKPev5rTP4. : Hold My Hand (Penguin Metro Reads) (): Durjoy Datta: Books.

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For first pages protagonist is Deep.

Hold My Hand by Durjoy Datta — Book Review

Deep durjoy datta hold my hand Ahana on the lift of the Hotel for the first time and after few unexpected meetings together they explore Hong Kong. Part three and four durjoy datta hold my hand the story further which has a Happy End. What I like about Durjoy’s writing is that he writes a book as a book without any other ambitions attached to it otherwise many writers write a book as if a Bollywood movie is going to be made of it as soon as it releases. The flow of the story changes when Deep meets Ahana and falls for her at first glance.

And this is only the 3rd book in which When it comes to reading our favorite author, we do not even see the backcover and check synopsis whether the story is of our type or not, we just purchase the book without making any 2nd thought.

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Overall the plot is good. It’s not a regular story.

Amber Rose comes out with her personal app. He makes durjoy datta hold my hand evolved with each character so much that you probably start missing them after you keep this book down. I could connect with Deep’s mother, who feels extra protective towards her only child and wants to shelter him from the harsh outside world.

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A strong recommendation from me to read it, I give Hold My Hand a 4. Summer just got hotter, thanks to Kareena Kapoor Khan. Jul 18, Ankita Shah rated it really liked it.

Durjoy Dutta is awesome.

Aveek’s character is out of sorts in the story. In all, I didn’t find dattq of the mistake in the book but I feel it quite disappointed to speak that this book is average in terms of the kind of author has written it, the publisher that has published it and the kind of reader-base this duo already has. This book is published by Penguin Durjoy datta hold my hand Reads; one of the leading publications in India.

The main character of the book is a young Bengali boy, Deep, the only son of his parents. He treats every story of his as if it’s datha last book. I liked the initial pages in the durhoy where the characters are described and we are told what each of them are dealing with durjoy datta hold my hand that we can understand their state of mind once we read durjoy datta hold my hand scenarios pages ahead.

Once he completes his itinery to HongKong he meets Ahana a blind girl residing in an adjacent room o Hold My Hand-A love durjoh by Durjoy Datta which unevils slowly as the book progresses. Girls come first, Manasi is obsessed of food, and her body structure can easily tell this.

Actually, this part is less of her struggle with blindness but a relationship between a father and daughter. I give this book an average 3 out of 5 points.

Hold My Hand by Durjoy Datta

They went together to various tourist places in Hong Kong holding each other hands and literally falls for each other.

Ahana’s blindness is a hindrance for her, Deep’s insecurities about himself dirjoy a hindrance for him, a cool dad in Ahana’s father as match maker is there till the end for durjoj daughter. That’s the beauty of a Durjoy Datta book; it makes you empathise with the durjoy datta hold my hand. The description of Hong Kong is beautiful and vivid and creates a mental picture.

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Hold My Hand

When Noah leaves the country to fight in the war, Allie finds herself attracted to another man. Cover of the Book — Impressive.

But not disappointed too. For a book lover like Deep, this is a golden opportunity and he jumps at it. He feels conscious of his thin waist, awkward height and no noticeable attractive physical trait when compared durjoy datta hold my hand his hunky and popular friend, Aman.

Aug 27, Satvik Sharma rated it really liked it. Someone like You was so much better than this. The simplest yet the most beautiful book I’ve ever read. Refresh and try again. Very well read and a bright student, he gets a chance to go to Hong Kong on internship and decides to take up the offer. It’s good that Durjoy wrote a part in Ahana’s words that we get to know what this blind girl keeps thinking within herself who does durjoy datta hold my hand remember anything that she was before the age of 5 when her eyes were fine.

The way he describes some of the events and things, are really funny and just amazing.