Bienvenido a nuestra pagina especializada en cisco ccna v, donde compartimos bastante material de estudio como examenes, laboratorios, tests online y mucho mas. CCNA 2 v · Exámenes Cisco CCNA 3 v · Exámenes Cisco CCNA 4 v CCNA v Cisco CCNA 1 v Examen Final Español Opción C. CCNA 3 v This course describes the architecture, components, and operations of routers and switches in larger and more complex networks. Students learn. 8 Dec CCNA 3 R&S: Scaling Networks Final Exam Answers v + v CCNA 3 Scaling Networks Chapter 9 v5 Exam Answers 1.

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Which switch will become the root for VLAN 20?

CCNA 3 V4.0 Exams Answers 2016 | Test Online PDF

What is the effect of this command? Is this the real ccna exam bc I have an exam on Friday? Change the channel on AP-B to 6 or Why does the administrator not detect any changes in the switch configuration after the download completes? The port is shut down. What can be concluded from the examen final ccna 3 v4.0 BPDUs may be discarded because of expiring timers.

The frames from the laptop will be dropped, but the teacher host will maintain connectivity with the network.

R1 is performing NAT overload for the What is a possible problem? Why is it advisable that a network administrator use SSH instead of Telnet when managing switches? What can be concluded about this set of commands? The frame is dropped.


What is the most likely cause of this problem? A new RSA key pair is created. Which hosts will receive the collision jamming signal? Compare the hit counts on the company web examen final ccna 3 v4.0 for the current week to the values that were recorded in previous weeks. Hosts A and B, connected to hub HB1, attempt to transmit a frame at the same time but a collision occurs.

Relocate the APs closer to each other. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. The ip domain-name command must also be entered in line configuration mode for the vty lines. The switch port is configured for auto duplex and the PC is configured for full duplex. Which method establishes an examen final ccna 3 v4.0 connection for configuring the Linksys WRTN wireless access point?

Really wonderful education site found on web. Use Layer 3 switching on the core switch. The enable passwords are not set on the examen final ccna 3 v4.0 The size parameter reset the default buffer size but did not disable access to the buffer. Reset the VTP counters to allow the switch to synchronize with the other switches in the new domain.

Excessive broadcasts are generally a symptom of a problem at which layer? Follow us like us on facebook. The exam posted on this page was done last year A network administrator is planning the upgrade of an enterprise LAN to feature Layer 3 support for the application of data security policies, aggregated links, and redundant devices and links.


A backup configuration from a TFTP server cannot be copied directly into the startup-config. What will fix the problem?

Refer to the exhibit. Traffic inbound on this router is processed by different subinterfaces, depending on the VLAN from which the traffic originated.

CCNA 4 Final Exam V Answers | CCNA Question & Answers Blog – – CCNA Answers

Power cycle the switch to cccna all dynamically learned addresses. What is the likely problem? Data confidentiality through a VPN can be enhanced. Allow all VLANs on the trunk link.

CCNA 4 Final Exam V4.0 Answers

Which Spanning Tree Protocol version is in effect? STP is automatically enabled. The clear mac-address-table command will examen final ccna 3 v4.0 statically and dynamically configured table entries.

This serial interface is not functioning correctly. It finxl the incoming packet to the statement that was created by the access-list permit ip any any command and allows the packet into the router.