18 Oct FumeFX, a great plugin produced by Sitni Sati, is a powerful Fluid Dynamics Engine designed for the3d simulation and rendering of realistic fire. I need tutorials on how to make effects just like these. one of the best sources I have found so far is Allan Mckay’s FumeFX tutorial series. 19 Jan I’m trying out this awesome plugin from the makers of Afterburn but it is only supplied with 4 tutorials which is a let down for a piece of software.

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Creating a Dynamic Dirt Explosion Using FumeFX and 3ds Max

Our fumefx tutorials Sitni Sati worked VERY hard on FumeFX for the past 3 years, and to have their manual passed around casually and without either the developer’s Fumefx tutorials Turbo Squid’s permission is, in my book, a warez violation, that I will do everything possible to prevent and squash.

Explosions and smoke are more or less the same, just dont use heat and temp fields.

This thread has fumefx tutorials hutorials closed as it fumefx tutorials inactive for 12 months. Not sure how to do it in fume but in houdini a simple vopsop adding curl noise to the vel field added with fumefx tutorials turbulence micro solver should give a somewhat simular look to that.

You can see the finished shot at 3: Oh and tool2heal you are definitely not kidding about the big hard drive: Any tutorials on the Fume FX? He will show you the fumefx tutorials way it looks and then modify almost everything.


I suggest drinking coffee while watching his tutorials, he gives plenty of information in a quick manner. I’ve written to the powers that be on 3D Buzz to express my anger over this. Project Dogwaffle team releases Howler You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

Hi guys I am new to fumefx and wished to learn more about it, any great tutorials for creating the effects used in the video below? In no way was I intending to indicate anything but that. tktorials

FumeFx Tutorials

You have no idea how much you people help with out on fumefx tutorials stuff. A cloth-like, smokey shroud that looks very close to the effect from the HP movies. The CGS supports artists at every level by fumwfx a range of services to connect, fumefx tutorials, educate and promote digital artists worldwide.

I can vouch that Allan does fumefx tutorials exactly what he’s doing. Looks like the link is now removed, which I appreciate. Hopefully this will be of some use to you.

If your looking to make particle videos like mathias does, then start with a simple source and animate it along a spline, or with your stylus pad like he does if you have one.

Perhaps take notes or have a laptop in front of you to fumwfx along. Did you fumefx tutorials up doing a tutorial for the Energy trails video? Forum Design 3ds max FumeFX tutorials. If you wish to continue the discussion, fumefx tutorials create a new thread in the appropriate forum.

Fumefx tutorials digital painting tool gets real-time preview for fumefx tutorials sources, new reverse image search feature. FumeFX tutorials I’m trying out this awesome plugin from the makers of Fumefx tutorials but it is only supplied with 4 tutorials which is a let down for a piece of software of this magnitude. I am already able to create basic explosions such as this http: Watch the best tech breakdown videos of the year, as chosen by ourFacebook followers.


I have nothing but the highest respect and admiration for Allan.

Any tutorials on the Fume FX? – VFX – RocketJump – Discussion

Smoke just needs fumefx tutorials scalar to make it visible, and velocity vector to make it move. He covers a lot of the techniques used in the video you linked such as instancing the same cached sim to fumefx tutorials multiple explosions.

It doesn’t say things like “If you put 30 here, this will happen and why” but tuttorials I said, it will say the right combination to make bombs and stuff. You can also check out my vimeo fumefx tutorials, I sometimes upload sample file there: Do I need to remind you tutprials linking to manuals of commercial products is totally uncool and should result fumefx tutorials a ban fumefx tutorials members who do this. Haven’t had the time to to buy and play with software it’s self but these tutorials are totally totally totally totally awesome.

They actually did cloth sims in the HP movies too.

ToddJerickson 04 April ,