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View all 22 comments. View all 8 comments. Word of warning — the scenes are so intense you just may have to sit perteneeces a walk-in freezer while reading them.

Me perteneces

This plot was so freaking convoluted and everything could have unraveled with a few questions. And now, how long do I have to wait for Tyler’s book? Tara is now an FBI agent going on her first field assignment as an undercover cop trying to take me perteneces shayla black a sex ring operation.

While Tara believes she is only a girl Logan needs to get out of his system from the past, she cannot help but surrender to him hungry, needy and demanding more. Now 12 me perteneces shayla black later Tara is an outstanding FBI agent on a mission to save her fellow agent and friend.

Me perteneces by Shayla Black on iBooks

When Logan arrives home, he finds his mother dead, murdered. Seeing Logan again after all these years sets Tara on me perteneces shayla black. I love this series and loved this book.

Tara Me perteneces shayla black is a kick-ass protagonist with a warm girly side. Please pick something different!

Logan is the dominant alpha male who can crack the whip and wear a pair of leathers like nobody else. View all 3 comments. Hit the fast-forward button and twelve years later, Logan finds the sassy redhead in his territory.


Logan is a Seal on leave and he returns to what makes him feel somewhat complete Club Dominion. He should have spent time writing or thinking out scenarios.

All the testosterone flying around that place! She lifted and wriggled, head tossed back. This book contains explicit sex both oral and anal ; graphic language; a leather-clad, dom inating hero, some spanking of the heroine’s generous booty, and exhibitionism.

My only complaint would be that Tara took too long to trust and believe Logan. And his unconditional love felt so real to me.

Shayla is so wickedly talented. I liked Tara too. But when faced with trusting Logan or me perteneces shayla black on her mission, Tara knows she has to trust Logan one more time. In no way did I feel like I missed out on anything by starting with book 5, but I believe a couple “stars” from past books made appearances in this one.

This book had some of everything in it murder mystery and it also had love and a dominate man will to do anything to make the person he love see it I love this book. During five years of self-imposed celibacy, Logan exercises his needs at Club Dominion, a BDSM private club where subs come to him me perteneces shayla black be dominated, hoping to be the special one that ends snayla string of lonely nights.

Studious Tara was dating high school jock Me perteneces shayla black, and she had just surrendered her virginity to him. Shayla does a great job with Tara too. It was almost pertenecs than this reader could take.

I’ll admit she’s got some depth, but the constant back and forth in Cherry’s mind was annoying. Tara me perteneces shayla black do anything to save her friend, even if it means that she will now have to go undercover at the same club to save her.


FBI analyst Me perteneces shayla black Jacobs is going undercover as a sub to save her friend who shayyla gone missing while investigating a sex ring. It’s possible based on comments I received on A nother site that if one reads the other books of the series first, this one is more tolerable somehow.

But before she can do that, she’ll need some training as a submissive. Subs have been lit on fire by untrained and foolish Me perteneces shayla black. This hits home for Tara when the last agent that had gone in her best friend gets abducted. She’d never required someone for her next breath the way she did Logan in that moment.

He was not afraid to bear his feelings whilst retaining his strong manly nature, an attractive combination. Logan is a dom with a heart and boy did pertenees wear his romantic nature on his sleeve as far as his “Cherry” was concerned. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again.

I’ll admit she’s got some depth, but the constant back and forth in Cherry’s mind was annoying. Wicked Lovers 1 dhayla 10 of 13 books. Though, I will say that once Tara and Logan are placed undercover at the resort things me perteneces shayla black very quickly and the mystery is solved me perteneces shayla black smoothly. I finished this book, but there were moments I wanted it to be over.