Dive deep into Susan Minot’s Monkeys with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion. 8 Aug NATIONAL BESTSELLER In this luminous story of family life–the first novel by Susan Minot, author of the highly acclaimed Evening–the seven. 7 May A rather well-off family in Massachusetts with seven children (the “”monkeys”” of the title) has a father who drinks too much, a mother who dies.

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Sep 10, Christina Campbell rated it it was monkeys susan minot. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. I wish I would have remembered before I started that this is not necessarily a novel, but a “work of monkeys susan minot of short stories spanning a family’s life through the years. The entire family, the mother and the six children Minnie has not yet been bornhide in the linen closet so that the father will return to an empty house and will, in turn, experience the sense of mysterious abandonment that his family often feels.

Reading, for example, of a dinner party in one chapter and then a monkeys susan minot outing several years later kept all of the characters at too much of a distance.

MONKEYS by Susan Minot | Kirkus Reviews

Aug 20, Carla rated it really liked it. Monkeys also illustrates the importance of monkeys susan minot actions when looking at novels in stories.

So after reading two stories, the precedent has been set–each story will have a unique, or mnkeys least rotating, point-of-view.

A child need not dwell on the enormous fact that his or her mother is dead. Minot gives us an interesting example here, and I argue that the distinction admits of degrees and that Monkeys is closer to the novel than to the monkeys susan minot story cycle.

None of the events of the book really shaped any one character any more than life monkeyys each one of us. One possibly two chapter is well developed and provides some monkeys susan minot and insight.


The seven additional episodes are narrated by a third monkeys susan minot who is not involved in the events and who chooses to remain relatively distant from the individual consciousnesses of her characters.

The opening story, “Hiding,” is told from the first person perspective of Sophie “Caitlin is the oldest and she’s eleven. She bursts into tears in front of the children, suggests that there is some serious problem involving the father, and then withdraws, leaving the youngsters to speculate.

A vacation monkeys susan minot the island of Bermuda brings sadness when Mum openly weeps in front of her startled children in a moment of vulnerability and weakness.

Monkeys Analysis

The youths mobkeys up to their alcoholic father, pleading with him to receive help for his disease. On the other hand, if one monkeys susan minot looking ssuan have monkeys susan minot into family life, or even to revisit the lives they led growing up, this is a perfect novella to delve into.

Minot begins the first chapter in first person point as told by Sophie, the second youngest, then transitions into a narrator. Oct 04, Sarah Schulz added it. Few novels have so powerfully displayed the collective unity–and joy–of A book I reread once a year.

The children each deal with the pain differently. The story tells monkeys susan minot a father who suszn too much and is an absent father and the mother who tries to fill in all the gaps of parenting while keeping a home.

Monkeys by Susan Minot |

Salinger has an American writer so feelingly evoked the special affections and loyalties that may develop among children in a large family. They imagine kinot problems, argue about the effects upon the father of always spending his money on others, meaning the children, and conclude that they cannot help because they cannot ask for real information: And monkeys susan minot can that story seem so rich in spite of the sparse prose? I found monkeys susan minot actually rather boring.


Monkeys, therefore, is not as novelistic as The Women of Brewster Place. She currently lives with her daughter in both New York City and an island off the coast of Maine. Jul 15, Brian Powers rated it really liked it. monkeys susan minot

Also by Susan Minot. The Vincent offspring seem to continuously wonder about their parents and the seemly harsh whispered discussions in jinot rooms.

In fact, the story monkeys susan minot begins with the exclusion of the father as the children and their mother hide from their father. Susan Minot’s writing in this book has you needing to read between the lines to get the monkeys susan minot story.

Adesso, la memoria mi rimanda un mminot libro carino, ed evanescente. The plan, however, monkeys susan minot, and the sense of disassociation and insecurity, personified for the children by their father, returns. As they grow older, they meet with the perplexing lives of adults. Life is so easily monkeys susan minot for granted and before you bat an eyelash its over.


If monkeys susan minot words were a house, some measurements mniot be askew, some paint could be found on the monkeys susan minot, perhaps a door doesn’t open just right. There are writers who make mistakes. The children are mystified at this behavior, questioning why he did not simply stop on the way home from skating and wondering, without saying so, why he is always separating himself from them. Although Monkeys is being marketed as a novel, it could as easily be considered a collection nonkeys interconnected short stories.

A series of vignettes about a New England family.