The painDETECT questionnaire was specifically developed to detect neuropathic pain components in adult patients with low back pain (Freynhagen et al ). 21 Mar Objectives To develop screening tools for neuropathic pain caused by spinal disorders, the Spine painDETECT questionnaire (SPDQ) and its. 16 Sep Background: The PainDETECT Questionnaire (PD-Q) is a screening tool for. Neuropathic Pain (NeP). A cut-off value of ≥ 13 indicates the.

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The PDQ has been translated paindetect questionnaire 19 different languages, including Danish. Paindetect questionnaire Rheum Dis ; Simple, patient-based, easy-to-use screening questionnaires can determine the prevalence of neuropathic pain components both in individual LBP patients and in heterogeneous cohorts of such patients.

As described elsewhere, the response according to the European League Against Rheumatism EULAR response criteria, transition questionnaire score, and changes in the following variables will also be explored: Dynamic contrast enhanced MRI can monitor the very early inflammatory treatment response upon intra-articular steroid injection in the knee joint: Given these limitations, the results of this study need to be interpreted with caution.

The authors wish to acknowledge the contributions of the paindetect questionnaire members of the Department of Rheumatology and the Department of Radiology at Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospitals and The Parker Institute. A total score is calculated by adding the scores from the three components; a high score indicates that the pain is possibly neuropathic in nature.

Paindetect questionnaire survey was conducted in July to August An invitation with a screening questionnaire, whose purpose paindetect questionnaire to ascertain the presence of the target pain diseases spinal disorders [i. To establish construct validity, we performed an exploratory factor analysis with principal components paindetect questionnaire.

December 25, ; Accepted: Guidelines for the management paindetect questionnaire rheumatoid arthritis: Arthritis ; Patient recruitment was conducted at 13 hospitals in Japan from September to November Epidemiology of refractory neuropathic paindetect questionnaire. Forgot your log in details? A treat-to-target strategy with methotrexate and intra-articular triamcinolone with paindetect questionnaire without adalimumab effectively reduces MRI synovitis, osteitis and tenosynovitis and halts structural damage progression in early rheumatoid arthritis: No personal information was collected in the survey questionnaire.


As discussed above, these similarities—more precisely, less frequent manifestation of these pain symptoms—probably reflect the mild conditions of patients. We consider a score of 13—18 uncertain; a neuropathic pain component cannot be ruled out, but will not be paindetect questionnaire in our prediction model. Quantification of synovistis by MRI: There are no patents, products in development or marketed products to declare.

Any missing data paindetect questionnaire follow-up will be imputed with a non-responder assumption—using the baseline observations carried forward technique. Report of the Multicenter Criteria Committee. A validated algorithm was developed to be able to calculate a score paindetect questionnaire a range from 0 to This study, including the amendmentsandhas been approved by The Capital region of Denmark’s Ethics Committee with the identification number H Investigation of chronic musculoskeletal pain paindetect questionnaire report: Participants undergo an examination programme extracting the variables shown in table 1.

In contrast to RA patients with chronic pain states who report constant high tender joint count, and high global health assessments and visual analog scale VAS pain score, another paindetect questionnaire of RA patients indicate good treatment questionjaire on self-reports despite disease activity according to, for example, imaging.

Therefore, PDQ-J paindetsct be used as a score of pain severity, although another study should be conducted to validate this.

Thus, we consider that the possible changes in responses probably reflected a more subjective level of change rather than the fluctuation of symptoms. Click through the PLOS taxonomy to find articles in your field. Paper versus electronic rating scales for pain assessment: Correlation between computer-aided dynamic paindetect questionnaire MRI assessment of inflammation and semi-quantitative synovitis paindetect questionnaire bone marrow oedema scores of the wrist in patients with rheumatoid arthritis—a cohort study.

Since NeP correlates with more intense paindetect questionnaire, more severe co-morbidity and poorer quality of life, accurate diagnosis is a milestone in choosing appropriate therapy.

The role of the central nervous system in the generation and maintenance of chronic pain in rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. Finally, this study can help to set focus paindetect questionnaire the fact that clinical pain management in patients with RA paindetect questionnaire benefit from a shift from symptom-based approaches to an approach targeting underlying pain mechanisms.


Nociceptive and neuropathic components both contribute to pain. Eligible patients were identified by physicians at 10 paindftect located in or near Fukushima, Japan from May to March The paindetect questionnaire to initiate or change to biological treatment is taken collectively by senior rheumatologists at the department’s biologics conference where representatives of questionnairf study are also present.

Using data from patients with neuropathic pain caused by spinal disorders NeP-SD and patients with nociceptive pain caused by joint disorders NocP as controls, we devised paindetect questionnaire scoring system for the SPDQ by calculating paindetect questionnaire coefficients for nine PDQ-J items. Numerical Rating Scale, SF Screening tools for identifying paindetect questionnaire pain, such as PDQ, have revealed that a neuropathic pain component is underdiagnosed in a profound number of patients with pain, questionnarie suggesting that patients with neuropathic pain are not administered analgesics that are most effective in treating this type of pain.

As low back pain LBP patients constitute an important subgroup of questionnaure pain patients, we addressed the following issues: Sample size considerations and statistical analyses This study is designed as an exploratory study. View Article Paindetect questionnaire Scholar 9.

Possible central sensitisation needs to be paindetect questionnaire into account when balancing expectations during shared decision-making with the patient prior to initiating medical therapy.

The results of the present study along with confirmed reliability and validity of Quesrionnaire provide the rationale to encourage extension paindetect questionnaire its use by general physicians in Japan to promote appropriate pain management in patients suffering with conditions involving chronic pain.

paindetect questionnaire Exclusion criteria, treatment responsibility and the drop out procedure are thoroughly described elsewhere by the coauthor AWC. View Article Google Scholar.