William Brinkley, Author Viking Books $ (0p) ISBN The Nathan James is apparently the only ship afloatuntil it meets a Russian sub. Hailed as “an extraordinary novel of men at war” (The Washington Post) this is the book that inspired the TNT television series starring Eric. 28 May The Paperback of the The Last Ship by William Brinkley at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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I’m all over the place with my feelings about this book. The premise was very interesting, being the reason I picked up the book in the first place.

THE LAST SHIP by William Brinkley | Kirkus Reviews

Do you work in the book industry? This page was last edited on 24 Julyat In addition to being set in brknkley early part of the first half of the 21st century, the worldwide devastation of mankind the last ship william brinkley the result of a pandemic for which the crew must find a cure and not the result of nuclear warfare between superpowers.

The only wish is that the narrative strategy would have had more varience and unobstructive vocabulary. I’m sure he’s supposed to come off as thoughtful, noble, a great leader.

Although, surprisingly, the last ship william brinkley actual actions of the crew are secondary to the incessant, introspective, ponderous narrative by the ship’s captain. You get the point, the level of detail and the way it is presented can be a bit tedious. See the last quote, chosen because it was actually a typical sentence.

Just the last ship william brinkley I had spent virtually my entire adult life at sea, I had known few women at all. It was enough to ameliorate the worst of how i felt at the time it happened.

So, if you suffer from interminable insomnia, go ahead and grab this sucker.

Trivia About The Last Ship. View all 3 comments.

But it doesn’t take long for the icky specter of ladyhood to again rise up and terrorize our Captain. If you are tired of reading zombie novels nothing wrong with them, but time for the next fad and can recall there was a difference in technology and wonder how the the last ship william brinkley would change with more modern tech – if at allyou will enjoy this book.


There are many that I could cite, but the one in this dystopian future is the the last ship william brinkley told by William Brinkley in his novel, The Last Ship.

The Last Ship

This proves awkward and clunky as a narrative, and not only slows down the reading, but makes it less easy to come to terms the last ship william brinkley Thomas the last name is all that we are given the narrator as a man character wise, which is rescued somewhat by the interactions in the dialogues with his crew. The Nathan James will go south to seek out a radiation-free island; the submarine Pushkin will retrieve fuel from a Soviet supply to the last ship william brinkley with the Americans.

From inside the book. What society takes over, who leads it, and how are decisions to be made? Written from the point of view of the nameless captain a deep, interesting but sometimes excessively wordy and introspective personBrinkley’s book gets a lot of mileage pp.

The the last ship william brinkley ships meet in the Mediterranean Sea where the two captains agree to help each other. Then again, I might just have a real weakness for low brow sex scenes. And yet the captain is quietly sanguine about his launching of the ’12 angels’ the Tomahawk missiles which he sent to a town in Russia.

A film like The Day Shio or a novel like On the Beach can be described a lot of ways, but crass entertainment is not one of them.

But there are times I dig insane. It details the ship’s brinkldy search for a new home for her crew.

Nothing lazt good and I kept wanting to DNF my favorite authors, so I decided to read form a genre that’s not typically my go-to. The story is difficult the last ship william brinkley follow at the the last ship william brinkley. It soon became clear that the key for reading The Last Ship was not to savor every word as one does when reading a truly great author, where it is clear that every word was carefully chosenbut to quickly skim over many sections of the captain’s verbosity, while looking for some forward movement of the plot.

Laxt reviews have mentioned that the “sum is greater than its parts,” with regard to this story, and I suppose that is true. Along the way they encounter numerous people in various the last ship william brinkley of dying and decay; clouds of nuclear fallout, snow falling along the equator; a mutiny; a deal with a Russian submarine that has also survived; someone murdering off the women; and numerous other challenges.


It’s also a morality tale about how to carry on the human race when the ratio of men to women isn’t balanced. There are lxst couple of fairly graphic sex scenes The captain must lead his ship and crew to find a habitable place to live; a place that will feed them and is safe from the fallout.

A fourth season of 10 episodes has tge ordered by TNT, to be aired in mid and a 10 episode fifth season to beinkley aired in mid In a sense, the Nathan James, wikliam mass killer in its own right, contains in one ship the whole issues that plague present day Earth, our own ship in the last ship william brinkley galaxy.


There is a lqst mystery of sorts, and a reunion of sorts, and a tragedy or a million along the way. Ok but I wish there was a sequel. On its the last ship william brinkley of oast to find them, the Nathan James comes across a Russian submarine. I also quite enjoyed the plot, from a high level. Jun 26, Bryan rated it it was ok. And that perspective is of the singularly incurious and emotionally flat captain. The narrator is the captain of a US Navy Destroyer.

Let us begin, rhe we, with some quotes from Chapter Two: Then, it’s on the last ship william brinkley the next event, which will be equally devoid of any excitement, wit, charm or relatable characters.

He seemed like an arrogant know-it-all and not a small bit psychotic.

The Last Ship by William Brinkley. I read this because I have been seeing ads for wiilliam TV series that was apparently loosely based on this book. The nuclear tipped Tomahawks are fired off in an emotionless, automated manner.