Finance Undergraduate Fees and Funding. We will be reading a range of authors, including such long-canonised figures as James Joyce, T. You’ll start by familiarising yourself with some of the historical background, concentrating on the ‘westernisation’ of Russia, a process begun by Peter the Great and made visible in the construction of the city of St Petersburg. By the close of the seventh century, many of these states had themselves been conquered by Arabic and African warriors committed to the new religion of Islam and been incorporated in the Caliphate centred on the city of Damascus an empire which easily rivalled the might, spread, and power of Rome before its own collapse and fission in circa In so doing, you’ll gain a greater understanding of the demands and conventions of journalistic writing, develop and sharpen your own work, and gain the discursive flexibility which will allow you to navigate the writing of journalism today.

This module focuses on dramatic texts but is open to all. Positioned at the hub of trade routes which spanned out across the known world, the city of Venice was a major commercial and political power during the medieval, renaissance, and early modern periods. All other students should enrol on Creative Writing: You’ll take a workshop, modelled on our world-famous Creative Writing MA. This module provides you with a critical understanding of how political systems vary around the world and the pressures facing them.

The module is closely aligned to ‘Working with Words’, the annual, UEA-based student conference that explores communication and uea creative writing ba in uea creative writing ba workplace.

You will attend lectures, and take part in follow-up discussion-based seminars. This is a crucial ability whether in personal or professional relationships.

And how can the study of intellectual and cultural history help us understand the dynamics of power? Cults, Communes and Childhood. There are four elements: By looking at the different methods and types of evidence used by sociolinguists, you’ll become proficient in the different ways of working in this fascinating subject.

BA American Literature with Creative Writing Undergraduate Study – UEA

The Short Story Challenge This module will provide students with an introduction to the ways in which the internet and uea creative writing ba digital technologies are and are not affecting society from theoretical and empirical perspectives, and how society shapes technology. You’ll begin by looking at what writing actually is and exploring how it operates.

Assessment can be wholly written or a combination of written and performed. You will be a first-rate writer, equipped with skills of critical reading, independence, time management, team work, and more, which are uea creative writing ba valued by employers.

Listening Comprehension, Writing, Translation and Grammar. Medical and Life Sciences. UEA was founded in the s and since its inception the School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing has paid particular attention to contemporary literature. Founded as a trading post inthe city had grown to over one million inhabitants by uea creative writing ba, thanks to its strategic location by Lake Michigan and as a center for the railroads.

Whether it’s new to you or something you’ve studied before, you’ll achieve a deeper and richer understanding of how the nation was formed. You are also encouraged to reflect on your own creative writing. This module will introduce you to key issues in documentary history, theory and practice.

This module offers you the opportunity to develop uea creative writing ba critical understanding and uea creative writing ba skills in writing and the communication of ideas within and for professions in the creative industries, and to gain an appreciation and knowledge of the sector and its place in the creative economy.

We will draw upon a range of national and media contexts and give you the opportunity to engage with a range of theories, archival materials, documentary styles and ethical debates within your written and practical work.

Distinctive American musical styles still dominate the globe, as they have done for decades. Scriptwriting Aut as compulsory modules. The study of slavery in the United States will make you a uea creative writing ba historian, whatever your area of interest. Whether discussing published poems or our own, we will be ‘reading like a writer’ and discussing how poems are put together.

Modern Italy has often been cast as a ‘weak’ state and ‘fragile’ nation, riven by particularism and by competing secular and religious ideologies, ‘economically backward,’ less successful than its national neighbours, and ‘the least of the Great Powers.

Finally, we will approach the history of the Third Republic between and from three angles: Media Uea creative writing ba Latest News. In subsequent weeks we will focus on the Revolutionary-Napoleonic epoch: How do we assess the significance of historic buildings and sites?

Year 3 In your final-year creative writing modules you will focus intensively on your own practice. This module offers you the opportunity to become familiar with a diverse variety of texts that would once have been known and loved by millions – texts, often long forgotten, that helped uea creative writing ba define the popular culture landscape that we know today.

Through detailed examination each week of groups of related poets, your module aims to both to question what constitutes an American poetics, and to examine how this conception has changed over the course of the 20th century. M Coetzee uea creative writing ba others. You will thus develop an awareness of how different kinds of writing in the period draw on, influence, and contest with each other.

Centre for Interprofessional Practice. Do we need to change how we speak depending on who we are speaking to?

World Class Creative Writing at UEA

On successful completion of the module, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to consider the diversity of American literature and the complexities of American cultural and national identity. You begin to focus your creative writing on a particular form or twochoosing from uea creative writing ba, poetry and scriptwriting modules, as well as options in publishing and journalism.

A quill presses into skin — punctures — fills — the pale feather blushes with iridescent colours — now subtle, now searing. All our teaching enables you to learn by doing — whether that’s by pulling apart the language of a short poem in uea creative writing ba small seminar or writing a new poem yourself. In the second half the emphasis shifts to constructive group discussion of your own work, alongside your peers, in a workshop setting. Using popular cultural forms such uea creative writing ba film and media, you’ll develop your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

Would you write a memoir documenting your addictions which mostly consisted uea creative writing ba made-up people and events? How did uniquely American sounds catch the ear of listeners all over the world?

Hey all you lady writers out there! We conclude by examining the country during the era of the five year plans and the impact of the Stalinist system on the Soviet Union before the outbreak of world war. Funding Opportunities Sponsored Research.