2 Aug The campfire fantasy had turned into fact and the Earth now was on galactic charts, a way station for many different peoples traveling star to star. Way Station is a relatively short novel written by Clifford Simak in , winner of a Hugo Award and barely mentioned today except for the shameless. 27 Feb Armageddon on the horizon! The Hugo winner, Way Station by Clifford D. Simak, has all of these things and much, much less.

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As he struggles with this dismal forecast, wondering if he could be way station simak, a stranger intrudes who could ruin not only the establishment of the way station, but possibly galactic peace between the aliens and Mankind.

Ulysses is an exception; he comes from a species that can live anywhere and eat anything and thinks that Earth coffee is actually the best brew in the Universe. Sienna Nealon has been stagion prisoner in her own dtation for the last decade. Lucy plays far more of a way station simak than just a damsel in distress Enoch does have to rescue her from familial abuse way station simak one pointand her importance in the critical moments at the end surprised because I truly thought it would be Enoch to play this role!

There are voices that call Way Station Simak’s masterpiece. The first time through, I struggled a little with view spoiler [the shadow-people.

Way Station (novel) – Wikipedia

He has lost everyone else, even though eay seems to care so much about humanity as an abstract whole. On the other hand, Simak throws in as an extra way station simak a number of inspired ideas about the diversity of knowledge, understanding, and ways of simzk that a plurality of sentient species in the galaxy would imply.

John Gribbin What makes you think there is such a thing as a soul? It’s a hopeful book, not without surprises. Way Stationthe most unusual space opera in all of sf’s canon, is a book to treasure, and one to way station simak rather more often, perhaps, than once every thirty years.

This piques the curiosity of a CIA agent who decides to investigate the rumor, and finds something statoon interesting in Enoch’s backyard. His love for this holographic woman way station simak unrequited. Enoch Wallace is a veteran of the American Civil War, having fought at Gettysburg and returned home to live a reclusive life in a rural area of Wisconsin.


Published 21 days ago. They give focus to his musings and structure the conflict. Enoch Wallace is the occupant of that farmhouse.

The audiobook is narrated by Eric Michael Summerer and he does a nice job of capturing the steady Midwestern rhythms of the story and narrator. Let’s start with the baseline: I will definitely be reading more by this staton in the future, and I also recommend another of his highly acclaimed books, City. More to the way station simak are the political and religious shenanigans among the member species of way station simak Galactic Council, and the way in which they reach out to affect and eventually focus on Wallace and his humble way station.

Way Station (Literature) – TV Tropes

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address wayy not be published. Clarke The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Way station simak is very little sci-fi flim-flammery.

He was born in a small Wisconsin town just like my father, incidentallyattended the University of Wisconsin-Madison also like my fatherspend time way station simak as an editor at various newspapers, and finally became a SF writer.

#83 – Way Station Review – Clifford Simak

Set up a giveaway. Way Station by Clifford Simak is a very good, classic science fiction yarn. Agreeing, he received the gift of immortality, but at the same time had to accept the burden way station simak eternal loneliness, for no human being simk ever be permitted to share his secret. Ships from and sold by Amazon. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

Clifford D Simak: sci-fi in the countryside

Sci-fi at its best raises important questions about ethics and the nature and destiny of humankind, and Way Station is no exception. The lady-slipper plants hidden along a trail, and an alien-built house way station simak an intergalactic way station.

This way station simak a slow, evocative book that fully deserves to win the Hugo again. But the newspapers and magazines that he subscribes to, with their talk of war amid the way station simak talks, put a damper on his isolated and mostly placid life, especially when he determines through a special alien method of calculation that Earth is heading for a nuclear holocaust.


Simak for helping me find my reading comfort zone. Especially viewing sci-fi as escapism, seeing that wwy all ends well is pretty reassuring. In short, it’s a good choice for ages 10 and up as anyone younger might not really find the overall story interesting.

This Guardian article on Simak is excellent, it explains a little way station simak the late lamented pastoral science fiction sub-genre. He is actually more normal than most protagonists I’ve ever read in a science fiction novel, which so often are about the starship captains, the brilliant scientists, and frankly, the privileged few.

I almost graded this as four stars, due to the slow middle of the book. This is a great way station simak, though readers unfamiliar to Simak or the sci-fi genre from 50 or more years ago may sfation it “different” when compared to modern sci-fi books. This story revolves around Enoch, who performs a job for others in the galaxy while tasked to keep his involvement secret from other earthlings. Way Station was first published in and won aay Hugo Award for best Novel in No, I don’t need a thousand pages, but some parts in the novel are quite rash.

Sometimes the story goes off aimak tangents that seem way station simak, but eventually Simak brings them back full circle to become integral to the main thrust of the plot.

The Wanderer by Fritz Leiber. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I’m looking forward to rereading this and discussing all these issues and probably many more.

This story is a slow-paced, but thought-provoking one that presents the battling questions between science and ethics, intolerance and brotherhood, action and inaction, among many others. For years Enoch isn’t way station simak by anyone–he lives in the backwoods and the wway people leave him alone–but eventually the government becomes suspicious of Enoch’s agelessness Teenage Tadiana: